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Nitro Man!
Submitted by: Mike

We responded to a 45 Y/O male who called 911 because he felt weak and light headed. We arrived on scene to find a 200 pound male lying in bed. He states that the only medical problem he has is angina. He has also has started a stop smoking program. He felt a strong urge to smoke so he thought he'd put 2 nicoderm patches on and that would do it. What he did not realize is that instead of nicoderm he put on 2 nitro patches and it dropped him to the floor in about 5 minutes. He was quite humiliated and felt much better after the nitro wore off.

Wooden Fence
Submitted by: Dana
First Responder

I was at the rescue hall one night when our pagers went off. It was a one car mva. The car had went through a wooden fence off the side of the road. Part of the fence had come through the windshield of the car, and went completely through the woman's left shoulder. After immoblizing her, we had to cut the fence post until it was about 6 inches away from her shoulder. We immobilized the post and loaded her in the truck and went code 3 to the nearest hospital. We got some strange looks when we pulled into the bay.

Medic Needs Medic
Submitted by: Doug

I was working in a smaller town than peviously so I was used to dealing with alot of OD's and the like. We were dispatched to a possible overdose. On arrival we found our patient in the floor of the bathroom unresponsive. While my partner was assessing the patient I was getting medical history from his wife. She said she thought he had been doing drugs and presented a small brown bottle. Not being familiar with this type bottle I opened it and looked at the substance inside....it was clear....well then I decided to smell it. Mistake! I awoke on the floor with a cop staring at me asking me if I was okay. I came around quickly and confused I saw my partner still in the bathroom with the patient. I made it to my feet and we transported the patient to the ER. Come to find out I had been sniffing 100% ETHER!

Booze and Trains Don't Mix
Submitted by: Anonymous

It was about 5:00 am and we get a call for a person hit by a train. When we arrived the patient was standing, screaming "my foot". When I walked up the patient's foot was just a flat pile of flesh and few bones sticking out.We wrapped a trauma dressing arount the foot or what was left of it. Needless to say my new white shirt was blood red befor we could get his foot wraped.We get the pt. in ambulace and started two lines one NS. and one LR. Vitals b/p 90/60 pulse 124 to132 resp.32 Had both lines wide open. When I asked the pt. what happen. He said that he passed out and his foot was on the track and the train ran his foot over. I asked the patient how much he had to drink. He said approximately a 12 pack and a pint of Jack Daniels and smoked some weed earlier that day. Now he's a 21 year old with one leg just because he was drunk. The pt. did improve enroute to the hospital. Lost his leg just below the knee.