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Frequently asked questions

1. What's the difference between a Paramedic and an EMT?

Answer: An Emergency Medical Technician performs basic emergency care to the sick and injured. They do not perform advanced procedures. Their primary mission is to render basic first aid. A paramedic performs IV therapy Medication, EKG's and other advanced emergency procedures.

2. How long does it take for an ambulance to reach my residence?

Answer: The average response time is approximately eight minutes. (Situation that may possibly delay us getting to your location)

Several 911 calls in your area.

Poorly labeled addresses

Traffic and weather conditions

3. What can I do to help the Paramedics when they arrive?

Answer: Have patient information ready such as: medications, allergies and patient past medical history. Clearly relate current problem and, more importantly, remain calm as possible!

4. What Should I do in case of an emergency?


A.Activate EMS, do not assume someone else called.

B.Stay on the phone with the dispatcher, let him/her hang up first.

C.Stay calm.

D.Do not move the patient unless there is a threat to the patient such as fire, explosion etc.

5. Why at times, do we see ambulances parked in convenience store parking lots or other areas and not at their station?

Answer: In the event that we have a call in one specific area, we sometimes require an ambulance to stand-by just incase another call should occur in the same area.

6. Why at times, do we see two ambulances at one medical emergency?

Answer: There are two reasons why. First, the primary paramedic unit may require additional help. Secondly while a paramedic unit responds to all 911 calls occasionally a basic unit (volunteer) will respond too. If your 911 emergency does not require a paramedic then a basic unit can transport keeping the paramedic unit ready for the next 911 emergency.